Cardi B Missed Court To Tiger Twerk W/ City Girls.

Rapped Out just reported how Cardi B missed her court date involving barmaids Jade and Baddie G and her crew at a New York Strip club in August. 

Cardi B was spotted twerking in tiger theme body paint on a beach in Miami for the City Girls “Twerk” video. Cardi’ court date was scheduled for Dec. 3rd, but assss you see she had better things to do.

City Girls , Cardi B

Straight from TMZ.com

Joe Tacopina tells TMZ … Cardi’s no-show in court Monday was blatantly defiant and disrespectful, and he believes she’s getting special treatment because she’s a celeb. He says his clients, Jade and Baddie Gi, are “very angry” about the images TMZ posted Monday … of Cardi twerking in tiger body paint while shooting a music video 

Tacopina adds, “She decided not to show up for court because it was more important to take photos in a bikini in Miami. If any other defendant did that there would be a warrant issued for their arrest immediately.”

Cardi’s judge ruling over the case issued Cardi B a real life warning. He told the “Be Careful” singer be careful with me or I will lock that ass up, basically! Her new court date is set for Friday back in NYC, and iff she decides to paint herself in orange again it’ll be her new color for a year or so. In jail…….


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