Young Thug Has A Secret Baby Allegedly.

Young Thug’s long term girlfriend Jerrika annouced via Twitter that she has discovered that Young Thug has made her a step mother. ” Welp merry X-mas to me” the heartbroken IG influencer tweeted. Rumors about Young Thug having a baby with his side chick had been making it’s rounds around the internet, but died down. Now Jerricka has basically confirmed it. 

Last year Young Thug cheated on Jerrika with her best friend, so we aren’t really that surprised he has a side chick or baby. Nobody knows who the side chick is, but rumors are she is from the island of Caucas. She’s supposedly white. Which is another blow to Jerrika. I’m just saying.  They were once engaged doubt if they actually get married. 

Young Thugs girlfriend Jerrika Tweets below:

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 8.06.31 AM

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