Alexis Skyy Daughter Is On Medicaid & It’s None Of Our Business.

Alexis Skyy responds to medicaid haters.

Alexis Skyy revealed  on Love & Hip Hop her daughter’s medical bills are paid by Medicaid. Which is normal for a child with a disability. They require alot of services that are costly, and not covered by private insurance. Alexi Skyy’s daughter whose named is Alaiya was borm a micro preemie, and suffered a brain bleed during birth.

Alexis is now responded in her Instagram story video (she posted & deleted) .

“So, I keep seeing people talking about Medicaid. You guys gotta be dumb. My daughter was a micro-preemie. She automatically qualified for Medicaid because she was in the NICU, ok? The only reason I’m explaining myself right now is because I don’t play that “oh you got bags…” My daughter got more money than [redacted]. My daughter got designer, ok? She has just as much as me. She qualified for Medicaid because of all the services she NEEDS.”

Aliaya Grace is happy and healthy with a mom who seemingly loves her, so please stfu. #rappedout


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