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Lira Galore Confirms Pregnancy W/ Pierre “Pee” Collins

Pierre “Pee” Collins is The Quality Control Music CEO , and dropped a video of Liraa ultrasound. Seemingly embarrassed Lira still denied that she was expecting. News of another IG model getting pregnant around the same time was confirmed by the “facially challenged” man. #rappedout

According to Lira, she knew about Kaylar’s pregnancy but her Migos manager boo boo made his paternity public out of spite.

“Now y’all know I’m an unproblematic queen .. & I be chillin,” wrote Lira on her IG stories. “Y’all know ion do the internet BS …however …We both knew she’s been pregnant & you never ‘publically acknowledged the fact.’ You took your ring like you do EVERYTIME you throw a temper tantrum. I haven’t spoken to you for over 4 days & you in ya feelings & wanna be petty bc I RT’d a fake quotable page.”

Lira Galore Pee Thomas

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Not only that, she claimed that Pee cheated on her many times ,and bullied her by giving and taking away gifts to give to other women.

“Now I’ve sat back since I started f****g w you in [July] & let you disrespect me publically, let those around you disrespect me, from the cheating, the gaslighting, taking my stuff away when u get mad giving it to the hoes u f***g  on,” wrote Lira.

“I’m tired of being bullied & disrespected when I’ve been nothing but nice to you & respected those around you,” she added. “I never asked for none of the money, cars, bags ECT … These are all things you came at me with! I opened my heart up to accepting your kids & your extended family so what u won’t do is continue to treat me like you haven’t cried tears to me about how thankful u are to have me & for trying to help you work on you & the demons & issues you are battling wishing yourself.”

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Mommy shark. 🦈

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Pee’s other expecting baby mama.


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