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New Video : The Dream “Sextape” Volume 1

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - July 20, 2017

The Dream has released a video for his 40 track long “Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3” project. The video 9-minute visual that includes songs from Vol. 1.

The Dream denied rumors to Ebro Darden of Beats 1 on Apple Music that he dropped three albums because he was afraid of “slippage” but because he wanted to drop some “crack.”

“I just think that in the beginning nobody told me how to do Love Hate, nobody told me how to do Love vs. Money, but as success grows more people come in,” said The Dream. “As it gets bigger then it turns from one to two voices to the third voice to now you have a room of forty people saying, “This is how we’re going to roll out. We’re going to go talk to these people.” But at the same time, you lose a part of what made it what it is, you know? And that part was waking up all feeling deciding to do something, not looking at the industry, not worrying about like oh, am I going to go number one? Is it going to fall to number ten? Like let’s make crack, like that’s what we want to do.”


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