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Karma Diddy Take That: Cassie Was Tired Of Diddy So She Bagged His Trainer Alex Fine.

Cassie Alex Fine Diddy

What a coincidence how over here at we were sipping wine while listening to Youtube, and Cassies’s hit(?) “Official Girl”ft. Lil Wayne comes on!?!? Lookin back they were really tryna make this Aaliyah vibe really stick with Cassie, but that not what we are here to discuss. Cassie has moved on from heartbroken P.Diddy to the “help” Alex Fine. Trainer to the stars and more importantly Diddy and his ex Cassie. Well Cassie has moved on on with her trainer.

Diddy and the young “star” have been together for over a decade, and it was rumored that he stole her from Ryan Leslie. So it was only right his now former trainer that he hired for Cassies stole his girl . Kama Diddy take that take that.

Diddy who had 3 kids while with Cassie took to Twitter to tell his followers he isn’t arguing in 2019. His “soulmate”Kim Porter, who he shared four kids with passed away late 2018. Since her passing he has been potted with multiple young women while his nanny to his twin daughter is also romantically involved with him allegedly. The nanny was also Kim’s friend. Rapped out.

 Cassie posted up another  photo with Mr. Fine on Instagram last night. The two were dressed in matching fits, at an event. Fans also noticed that Cassie deleted all of her prior Instagram photos. She’s ready for a fresh start.

Anyway we are quite sure Diddy has had his fair share of fun while dragging Cassie along, and let’s not forget that time when Cassie thought Diddy was proposing during her birthday party. Cassie and her friends looked in sea salty shock as she opened a jewelry box only to be a necklace inside a few years back.

Well Alex and Cassandra actually met thru main man Diddy, and the two are going strong. Diddy’s go to trainer was busy with other clients, so he hired Alex Fine to train Casssie. Little did he know, but Cassie would get lessons in other areas like the bed room. Cuz UHHHHHHH he hitting that now bruh. But Diddy is a millionaire, and millionaires always have moe than one anything.

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