Future Says He Was Afraid To Tell Fans He Quit Lean

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Codine Crazy

If you had to guess Future’s drug of choice what would you say? Don’t think too hard now. LEAN! Yup that’s what comes to mind when I think about Future Freebrandz. From “Codeine Crazy ” to “Mask Off” Future is not shy to the designer drug culture , and frequently raps about Lean.

Lean has had choke hold on hip hop check out an expose about lean HERE

Genius chopped it up with Future to discuss the rap star’s new album “The Wzrd”. Future goes into talk about how he fell back from drinking Lean, and was nervous to let his fans know that he stopped. Pluto explained how he felt pressure on maintaining this rock star persona.

“It’s like me taking chance on when I was… I didn’t want to tell nobody I stopped drinking lean,” he continued. “I didn’t want to tell because I felt then they gonna be like, ‘Oh, his music changed because he ain’t drinking lean no more. Oh, I can hear when he changed.’ And people are like, ‘Damn, you won’t even say it.’ It’d just be hard and your fans so used to you a certain kind of way with a certain persona, you be afraid to change. You’re afraid if they would not even accept me no more.”

Instead of feeling ashamed Future should celebrate his freedom from a addiction, and help the ones out there still struggling. He sounds like he cares a lot about what people think of him, which is understandable he is in the entertainment business. If Future owes anything to anybody its his kids he got about a basketball team now.

I’m anticipating his new album “The Wizrd” which drops January 18th. Peep the trailer to Future’s new album HERE


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