Soulja Boy says “I Taught Drake Everything He Knows” during Breakfast Club Interview

Soulja Boy or Man whatever name he is deciding to go by says he taught O.V.O. rapper Drake all he knows while on “The Breakfast Club” in New York. Soulja Boy Tell EM was discussing who had the biggest comeback, and the hosts of “The Breakfast Club” morning show said Meek Mill.

When Soulja Boy questioned why they thought Meek Mill did the hosts threw out a few pointers with Meek’s beef with Drizzy Drake being one of them. Soulja Boy became furious, and stood up asking. “Drake? DRAKE?!?! The nigga hat got bodied by Pusha T?” He then went on to say ” Stop playing with me like I didn’t teach Drake everything I know!” Soulja Boy then went on, and sang “Tell me what’s really going on ” to show the comparison of flows and bars.

“Miss Me,” to his own “What’s Hannenin’” flow. The introductory bars on “Miss Me” actually do reference Soulja’s flow: “Tell me what’s really goin’ on / Drizzy back up in this thing, I’m ready, what’s hannenin’?” It’s Soulja Boy flow used on his own track’s first verse, right down to the elongated “e” in “tell me.

People are acting baffled by Soulja Boy’s comments, but don’t forget he was the main pioneer of the internet rap game. Thats how he blew up, and was called a “ringtone rapper”. Soulja Boy had twitter by a choke hold along with Myspace. The man is a great entrepreneur, and he also produces. He crazy as hell, but he know’s what he’s doing.

Soulja has been the talk of the internet after while on Instagram Live Soula Boy said his comeback in 2018 was bigger than Tyga’s, so of course he had to hit the radio station to chop it up. He also sold out of his game console that he created.

Peep the full interview below:


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