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Future Says Russell Wilson Does “Exactly” What Ciara Tell Him To

Did you know Future wear weave in his hair? Now that I’ve found out so much has changed for me in regards to him. Anyway Future is now blasting his 1000th baby mom Ciara (again), and her husband Russell Wilson. The Word dropped today so of course Freebandz was feeling a lil chatty.

During his Beats 1 interview on Freebandz radio, Future chopped it up about his new album The WZRD , but also spoke on his personal life including his past relationship with Ciara . He then went on to criticize her husband Russell Wilson for being “controlled” by her.

Future said that Russell should be a “man” and keep Ciara from mentioning Future’s name in public. “He not being a man in that position,” Future said. “He not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!’ If that was me, she couldn’t even bring his name up. She know that. She couldn’t even bring her exes’ names up. I don’t what they gave you…Don’t give that s**t no energy.”

How you going to tell another man to run his household?

Future also talked about his issues with Wendy Williams and her whole baby mama chart that she pulled out on him.

“Man, the Wendy Williams situation, the only thing I was mad about her, putting my kid’s mother up that don’t want to be in the limelight,” Future said. “…They’re not entertainers. Only time people know them is from me. If you see them responding, it’s because they want to respond. You can put her up. You can put them up. But don’t put the ones who ain’t responding. It’s two girls you’re putting on that list that don’t even never do social media.”

Well nigga you got a basketball team of baby moms! Rappedout.


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