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Erykah Badu Booed In Chicago Over R.Kelly Comments

BET Presents: 2018 Soul Train Awards - Show

Erykah Badu really tryna get cancelled for good in 2019. During her set in Chicago this past Saturday, the “Tyrone” singer commented on her support for R. Kelly . Erykah who I once admired even somewhat excused his alleged pedo ways, and proved that she isn’t as deep as she portrays .

This isn’t the first time she has been called out for saying something dumb . Prior she once said school girls should wear longer skirts, so teachers won’t fantasize about them. How about grown men stop preying on young girls, but ok. She also said she saw the good in Hilter. Whatever weed she smokes Ion wanna hit that blunt.

So basically because R.Kelly was abused we should be praying for his healing after he abused many young girls? What do you think? Rapped out.


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