R.Kelly’s Former Manager Turns Himself Into Atlanta Police

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 ATL Police issued an arrest warrant for R.Kelly’s former manager, Henry James Mason, over the summer. The former manager had threatened one of R.Kelly’s “girlfriend’s” Joycelyn Savage’s father . Today, the 52-year-old alleged accomplice turned himself in to Georgia authorities. He surrendered to Henry County Sheriff’s Office on felony terroristic threats and acts.

Joycelyn Savage’s father, Timothy Savage, accused Mason of threatening to kill him ,and his family over his involvement with the LIFETIME docu-series. He and his wife claim Kelly has their daughter in a “sex cult” and “brainwashed” their daughter, Joycelyn Savage. According to her family they haven’t seen her in two years.

Mason didn’t stay in jail for too long because he posted a $10,000 bond, and a judge ordered him NOT to leave the country without permission.

A few days ago, R. Kelly’s Chicago studio (that he has been evicted from) where its rumored he kept some of the women he is accused of abusing was raided by members of the Chicago Fire Department and building inspectors.

CBS repoter  Mike Puccinelli was on the scene at 5am and filmed a mystery man leaving R.Kelly’s studio with a bunch of boxes and a computer hard drive.

According to reports, Kelly was cited for multiple building code violations, including evidence of people living in the non-residential building. After the raid, an attorney for the “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” writer made claims that the inspection as “uneventful”. He also said it proved that the previous concerns that someone may be living in the studio (which is not zoned for residential) use were false.

“There is no one that lives at that premises nor has anyone or is anyone living at the premises. No one lives there,” Kelly’s attorney said. –

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