See R.Kelly’s Alleged Non Disclosure Agreement That He Makes Women Sign

R.Kelly is allegedly known to have his “sex slaves” to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement also known as a “NDA”.

The Blast has obtained a copy of the NDA, which is copyrighted on every page by RSK Enterprises, R. Kelly’s management company. According to them they have a copy of the agreement that he has his ladies sign. Allegedly Robert Kelly gave this document to one of the mothers of his alleged victim’s when she went to visit her daughter at his home.

Once the person signs they are  referred “as a privileged member of Robert Kelly’s (‘Mr Kelly’) team (the ‘Team’),” which may allow me to access privileged and/or confidential and/or proprietary information only available to trusted members of Mr. Kelly related enterprises (the ‘Opportunities’).”

R. Kelly doc rip

The details of what is considered an confidential pieces of information are discussed in seven areas:

  1. The premise and concept of his intellectual property
  2. Mr. Kelly’s business and private life
  3. The business activities of the Company and/or Mr. Kelly
  4. The Company’s employment practices or policies
  5. “The activities occurring in connection with the Opportunities”
  6. Ideas, concepts or business plans disclosed by the company
  7. “The outcome of the Opportunity”
R. Kelly doc rip

If any of those people that agree to the NDA and breach Kelly’s agreement, the signees agrees to be held liable.

R. Kelly doc rip

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