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Chris Brown Released From Jail ! No Charges Filled! Woman Says Chris Brown Did NOT Rape Anyone!

Now I don’t support R.Kelly, but Chris Brown DID his time. He paid his devt to society after the domestic abuse case against Rihanna . He has been constantly reminded he did it, and admitted to his wrong doings.

I’m not excusing his actions,but according to America once a man does his time he has paid his debt. Now with that said a woman came out saying contrary to what police said which was previously reported .

Chris Brown in fact DID NOT rape anyone.

He has been relesed from the Parisian jail according to variety. The young woman named Kim Ford posted on Instagram that Chris was her “friend” and he didn’t do anything.

No charges have been filled against the singer. Asap Bari just pled guilty to a rape charge in Paris after video was leaked of him assaulting his victim. So these claims don’t take away that some men are out here sexually assaulting people.

This just wasnt the case with Chris.

Leave this man alone.

Rapped out.


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