Sparkle Talks Scenes Left Out of “Surviving R. Kelly”, The Infamous Tape & More

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Sparkle hit up the “Breakfast Club” to talk about science left out of Lifetime’s “Surviving R.Kelly” documentary series. Sparkle’s niece was the alleged young girl in the child porn video that R.Kelly allegedly can be seen urinating on a at the time 14 year old.

Rumors are that the family is still connected to Kelly. Sparkle’s nephew (who is the alleged victim’s brother) was Chance “The Rapper’s” drummer has also been recently arrested for sexual assault .

Sparkle’s niece would not take the stand during R.Kelly’s trial, but Sparkle did indeed testify against her once mentor Robert Kelly.

The singer also tells how she introduced the “Trapped In The Closet” singer to her 14 year old niece, and how Sparkle met Kells when she was only 14 years old. Robert was 22 years old when he met her.

Rapped Out Watch the video below:


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