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PNB Rock Released From Prison On $500k Bail!

PnB Rock Arrested For Drug Possession & Stolen Gun

Oh yeah yeah yeahhh! PNB Rock posted bail after being arrested 5 days ago in Bensalem, PA. There were reports of PNB Rock having loud parties , and the smell of weed seeping into the streets of his neighborhood. That was the cops excuse for riding his home, and when they went all up in his dish they found 4lbs of weed, a stolen gun, and 33k.

Rock was charged with possession of a stolen fire arm, and intentions to sell the 4lbs of weed. I’m rapped out ! Now we know that nigga was smoking all of that, and has no reason to sell weed at this point of his life. But ok.

Rock was also arrested with his “girlfriend” Stephanie, and she was charged with conspiracy . PNB Rock’s bail was set and he had to pay $500k.

Thats alot of moneyyyyy. No Wonder why his brother PNB Meen was out here on Instagram asking people to donate to his brother’s bail. Not sure why because Rock has the money, but that something you would have to ask his brother.


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