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“Fix your brain” Eve Backtracks on Chris Brown Rape Charge Comments!

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Eve backtracks on her comments made about singer Chris Brown and his proven false rape accusations in Paris. While on her show “The Talk” Eve went in on Brown saying “fix your brain” and “get your act together.”

Welp Black Twitter let her have it once the Pop star Chris Brown was not charged with a damn thing due to it being FALSE.Eve did what ever star does, and took to Twitter to ” clear things up”.

I wanted to address what I said on The Talk the other day about Chris Brown,” Eve begins. “At first, I didn’t think what I said was harsh, but then I look back at it and it was kinda harsh. But it was only harsh because I’m passionate about the state of the climate that we’re in right now with women and all these allegations that are coming out.”

“My passion wasn’t geared toward Chris Brown and these specific allegations. It’s just that we were talking about him and I think I got upset about all the other feelings that I’ve been feeling about this whole climate. Like I said before, I didn’t know if those allegations were true or false. They are not true and he has been released.”

“In that way, I just want everybody to know obviously I’m rooting for him,” she concluded. “I’m hoping that none of these things are true, but we have to talk about this kind of stuff, right? I have to have an opinion. I’m a woman. I’ve been through a lot of things. I just want to keep the conversation going. To whoever was offended, I apologize.”

I understand where Eve is coming from because ethics isn’t his first go around with false accusations from women. Another Caucasian woman accused Brown of beating her after he threw her out of his house party. All due to his friends enjoying the clout and bounty of thots the come with the Breezy name. A few years back a Caucasian woman accused him of beating her, but that was quickly found not true when texts between her and her African American male friend where exposed. In the texts she says how she was going to lie in hopes of getting him back,

Chris cut the grass ,and expose the snakes because your friends are your downfall. Rapped Out.


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