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Fetty Wap And Alexis Skyy’s Daughter Recovering After Emergency Brain Surgery.

Prayers up for Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap ‘s daughter Alaiya who was born 3 months premature baby had emergency brain surgery. Alexis Skyy shared via her Instagram story that her daughter was in surgery.

Alexis and Alaiya

Alexis noticed something was wrong with her daughter Alaiya during a flight from Atlanta to New York when she began excessively vomiting. Skyy immediatelty took the baby to the hospital where she was went straight into emergency surgery to repair a malfunctioning shunt in her brain that helps drain her brain’s blood and fluids.

She suffers from hydrocephalus, which causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. The surgery is said to have gone successful. Alaiya is recovering with both Fetty and Alexis by her side.

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