R.Kelly Allegedly Beat Up His 19 Year Old Girlfriend.

Amora Thursday Nights
Robert “Age Aint Nothing But A Number” Kelly

Back in 2017 R.Kelly allegedly assaulted 19 year old teen Halle Calhoun. Robert was “dating” her, and made his first public appearance with her at a Atlanta nightclub. According to sources close to Halle say R. Kelly grabbed her around her neck. He also threw her into a wall for allegedly looking at another man while at his concert.

Supposedly this incident was said to be witnessed by Kelly’s other alleged “sex slaves” Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary.

Amora Thursday Nights

They recounted two other violent incidents that happened after Halle allegedly looked at a group of men leaving a hotel. R.Kelly then slapped her allegedly for this.

Team enable R. Kelly of course deny these allegations They say Robert is non violent, and “if he ever DID slap Halle then someone would have recorded it and sold the video”.

Halle is no longer with R.Kelly. She is now safe at home and dating Monica’s ex and ATL rapper Rocko. 


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