R.Kelly Under FBI Investigation For Arranging Flight For A Under Age Girl.

R. Kelly Reportedly Under FBI Investigation For Arranging Flight For Minor

The feds aren’t playing with the “Age Aint Nothing But A Number” writer R.Kelly this time around. Parents of a underage girl, alleged R.Kelly victim say Robert flew their daughter Azriel Clary, (one of the alleged victims featured in Lifetime’s explosive documentary ) from Phoenix to Orlando in May 2015.

Clary was just 17 years old at the time, which has Kelly under investigation for possibly violating the Mann Act.

The Mann Act is a federal law against the transportation of a minor for the purposes of prostitution or “sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense.”

Sources connected to Clary’s family claim the flight was arranged by a woman who was serving as Kelly’s assistant. Sources in the Kelly camp say Robert did nothing wrong because the assistant received a letter of consent from Clary’s mother. Rapped Out. Cmon now.

TMZ obtained the letter, which is dated September 2015. Although the flight under investigation took place months before, Kelly’s team reportedly believes it shows Clary’s family was willing to let her travel.

They must’ve not signed R.Kelly’s NDA order.

Since the original report was published, Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg denies any violation of the Mann Act and claimed the story was “flawed.”

“Mr. Kelly has not violated the law,” Greenberg said. “Certainly not the Mann Act. The story has flawed factual predicates. Beyond that, we remain unaware of any investigation, anywhere.”

This man is just sick!


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