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Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Delivers Baby In Amazon Warehouse Then Throws It In The Garbage!

Amazon logistics centre in Dortmund

According to NBC News, an woman form Arizona was arrested for leaving her newborn baby in a trash can at anger place of employment ; an Amazon warehouse.

Samantha Vivier ,22, was charged with unlawful disposal of human remains after she threw her newborn baby in the trash to hide the birth from the father.

Phoenix Police say the baby girl was found unresponsive and cold when found in the Amazon garbage. The 22-year-old deadbeat mother said she had no clue that she was even pregnant. Other than gaining about 15-pounds, she didn’t show any other signs of pregnancy.

Police say she placed the baby inside the plastic bag and put it in the garbage can under the counter in the bathroom and left. She told a supervisor she needed new pants and when she couldn’t get any, a friend picked her up. Rapped Out.

Watch the news footage below


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