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Nick Cannon Says Black Men See Smashing White Women As A Sign Of Success & Wealth!

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon loves tackling the question ” Do Black Men love White Women more than Black Women”, and I know why because it sparks controversy and emotion. Before we discuss believe it or not more successful Black Men are married to BLACK WOMEN statically speaking. You can google the numbers for yourself . Now back to Nick he says ” Black men look at white women as “success”.

Nickelodeon Nick is right, and it has been taught to Black men as early as childhood to look at lighter toned and non Black women as a stepping stone. Not all Black men, but the undertone is there, and will always be due to media, and oppresive ways that have been set in place for hundreds of

Nick and his guest Rizza Islam break down why the most oppressed, most neglected demographic, Black women, are overlooked by their own men. years.

What are your though and check out the interview below:


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