BlueFace Arrested & Charged W/ A Felony Possession Of A Firearm!


“Bust down Thotiana” rapper BlueFace was arrested and charge with a felony possession of a fire arm while in downtown LA. The LAPD claims they were tipped off that a group rappers carrying alot of money and wearing jewelry were out in LA, and they feared for their safety.

Other reports say someone tried to run up on Blueface and snatch his chain, so the cops detained Blueface for his safety. Whatt??????

The LAPD claims they didn’t want Blueface to get robbed. How ironic. When the cops arrived to the scene allegedly Blueface and his associate ran off while tossing their guns on the ground. Blueface was arrested for carrying loaded pistols.

Blueface was charged with felony gun possession and was released on $35,000 bail.

Watch the arrest below


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