R.Kelly Banned From Philly!


Dear Robert Kelly, We DON’T F$CK Wit U! Signed, Philadelphia Council . Ya Mean! Philadelphia has muted R.Kelly forever, and has banned him from ever coming to the city again. We here at Rapped Out are from the city of “Brotherly Love” and applaud our city for taking a stance.

R.Kelly has allegedly been praying on young girls since the 1990’s, and I have no sympathy for him regardless of race. With that being said Philadelphia city council issued a statement saying

This resolution is about fundamentally stating a public declaration that R. Kelly and sexual predators like him don’t belong in a public sphere, with public support. This symbolic act of solidarity puts all sexual predators on notice.

And yes it is legal. There are countries that have banned performers, so I suggest all Philly promoters not waste their money booking “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number ” song writer Robert Kelly. Men take notes keep trying to take advantage of underage girls, and end up on the chopping block. It’s not right .

Rapped out


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