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6ix9ine Baby Mom Says Her Life Is At Risk,But Did He Snitch Because She Smash The Crew?

6ix9ine, Sara Molina,

Update 2/4/2019 :See the new post on how she says she smashed the homies here

Sara Molina ,6ix9ine baby mom went on TMZ to discuss how her baby father Daniel Hernandez snitching has effected her and their child’s lives. 6ix9ine has recently pleaded guilty to 9 counts,(including drug trafficking, racketeering, and firearm offenses), and is snitching on all his co defendants. Danny faces 47 years in prison, and won’t receive sentencing until January 2020. See the story here.

Sara said 6ix9ine has” made his bed”, and she expected more from him, but word around the street is Sara was getting tossed around the squad like a day old burrito.

6ix9ine was reportedly informed from the feds via wiretap that Sara was having sex with the men in his Trey Blood circle that she was having sex with them, and that those same men wanted to have him killed.

So reports are saying that “Snitch9ine” corporated with authorities becasue he heard the wire taps, but in my opinion 6ix9ine still had no right to snitch on Kooda B especially when he hired him to kill Chief Keef. Tekashi signed up for that life, and when he went that deep into trying to kill another man he signed up for whatever he received.

Peep the videos below:

“He did what he did. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it,” Molina explained. “But he didn’t think of how it’s going to effect others. He’s only thinking about himself in this situation. I’m left to pick up the pieces of whatever mess he’s made, which is and has always been a thing.”


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