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6ix9ine Ex Manager Allegedly Worried Snitch9ine Will Rat After Finding Out He Smashed His Baby Mom Sara Molina!

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s former manager Shotti allegedly worried that 6ix9ine will rat him out to the feds. As rapped out.com previously reported 6ix9ine is corporating with the feds in hopes of lowering his 47 minimum year bid. He pleaded guilty to all 9 counts, and even hinted out the trigger man that HE HIRED Kooda B as the shooter in the Chief Keef attempted murder!

The former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods member “Snitch9ine” is making his former manager Shotti, and his lawyer nervous nervous. Shotti may be more nervous now that rumors of him smashing 6ix9ine baby mom while 6ix9ine is locked up came to light, and also that members of the Trey Way Bloods were trying to harm him.

6ix9ine ex manager Shotti and Sara Molina 6ix9ine Baby Mom

See the full story about 6ix9ine baby mom saying so what she smashed the crew!

According to a letter obtained by The Blast, 6ix9ine’s former manager Kifano “Shotti” Jordan wants the court to know that 6ix9ine’s attorney Lance Lazzaro also represented Shotti in four previous criminal cases as well as fellow their codefendant Faheem “Crippy” Walter.

Shotti and his attorney Jeffery Litchman (who also reps El Chapo well damn gee to the bag) believe 6ix9ine’s lawyer Lazzaro had too much access to their “privileged communications” that could blow Shotti’s case.

El Chapo’s lawyer Litchman thinks because lawyer Lazzaro has represented multiple people from the same gang that “this representation only serves to heighten the aforementioned fears concerning conflicts of interest.”

The letter also revealed that 6ix9ine tired to hire the Shotti’s lawyer Litchman shortly after his November 2018 arrest. Lichtman reports that they did the ol 3 way prison conference call trick. Jade, 6ix9ine’s “girlfriend” or clout chaser , and 6ix9ine lawyer Lazzaro were aware of the call.

During the conversation, the loose lip rapper allegedly said Shotti would never be able to afford an attorney like Litchman and was thinking of hiring Litchman for himself.

Welp 6ix9ine went in a different direction, and Litchman took on Shotti as a client.

Last month, a judge ordered to temporarily remove Lazzaro from SnitchNine’s federal racketeering case due to the what the judge perceived as a conflict of interest.

Judge Paul A. Engelmayer ordered 6ix9ine’s lawyer Lazzaro to immediately send detailed letters detailing his previous dealings withco defendants Jordan and Walter by January 28.

If he didn’t hand over the letters or it was found that there is indeed a conflict of interest, Lazzaro could be permanently removed from 6ix9ine’s case.

Not sure what’s going on with the letters, but  Dawn Florio, 6ix9ine’s other lawyer still on the case.

6ix9ine is awaiting sentencing scheduled for January 2020.


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