Extreme Love: Man Has Strict Rules For Girlfriend! Forces Her To Act Like Little Girl,Play Dolls, & Call Him “Daddy”!

Extreme Love WeTv

WeTv new show Extreme Love features couples doing some super freaky, weird borderline call the cops type fish for “love”. One man forces his girlfriend to act like a little girl, and call him Daddy!

Supposedly their relationship is non-sexual, and he is not a pedophile. He makes her call him every 2 hours when they are apart, and she has tea parties with him. He spanks her when she doesn’t look him in the eye, and you know just watch the video . Im rapped out!

EXTREME LOVE – “THE BRAT & HER DOM & DOGGY STYLE LOVE” – Airs Friday, February 8th at 10/9C on WE TV


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