Terry Crews Sympathizes W/ Black Man Killer Fantasizer Liam Neeson!

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Terry Crews

Terry Crews took to Twitter to discuss Liam Neeson’s remarks about how Liam once fantasied, and even went to Black neighborhoods with a “cosh” (a thick, heavy stick or bar which is used as a weapon) hoping to get into an altercation with a Black Man.

Liam says this came about after his friend told him a black man allegedly raped her. He was promoting his new movie Cold Pursuit ,which is based on revenge. The Taken actor says he was simply trying to show a time whee he wanted revenge.

Oh ok.

Liam Neeson is like other “men” we’ve heard in the news i.e. George Zimmerman, have went on racist vigilante missions. Just in this case Liam didn’t find a “black bastard” as he said to kill.

Terry Crews , who seems to be always jumping in the air, or moving his man breast up and down found himself caught up in a dragging back to spoiled mayonnaise hell.

Crews went back to when he was sexually assaulted by a white man in the industry, said “Thank God I never took the bait”!


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