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Video: Bow Wow Was All In Kiyomi Leslie Face Before She Whopped His A$$!

Kiyomi Leslie , Bow Wow

While in Atlanta for Super Bowl weekend Kiyomi Leslie, and Bow Wow got into a heated physical altercation over allegations that Kiyomi Leslie was getting to comfy with Shaquille O’Neal . The hands on couple were both arrested for battery, and mug shots revealed Bow Wow needs to date women his height, so he can have a fair advantage! IJS!

Kiyomi Leslie (real name Leslie Holden) allegedly whopped Bow Wow’s ass, and he took it like a man because from what we can see as of now he didn’t even pinch da bish!

Pictures have been leaked, and Bow Wow face and body fawked up! Women abusers do exits, and all men don’t deserve to get punched on. BUTTTTTTT new footage has been leaked moments leading up to the altercation, and Bow Wow looks like the instigator. Kiyomi appears as if she isn’t trying to engage in any altercation, but Bow Wow persists.

Bow Wow was squaring up with her,and snatching shit from her hand, and got his ass beat. He look like a Chihuahua trying to fight a Rottweiler.

 photo bowinjury1.jpg
 photo bowinjury2.jpg
 photo bowinjury3.jpg
 photo bowinjury4.jpg
 photo bowinjury5.jpg
 photo bowinjury6.jpg
 photo bowinjury7.jpg

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