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Dark Skin NFL Star Jahleel Addae & His White Wife “Cheers To More LIGHT SKIN Kids”!

jahleel addae
Colorist Couple: Jahleel Addae & His Wife

Here at Rapped Out we don’t care who or what race of woman or man you choose to marry, but when you make damaging colorist , racist remarks we gon check ya ass. Especially when you are BLACK! NFL “star” Jahleel Addae posted a video of him and his friends sitting around a table while on vacation toasting to “more light skin kids”.

The men at the table are all BLACK and the women are all WHITE! I guess they thought making a colorist toast was all fun and games till social media unleashed a fury of woke comments on his ass. Addae made his Instagram private, but Black twitter is still going in on him.

Why do SOME Black people think that just because they have a White woman their kids will be light skin, and why does it matter what color their kids will be. I mean won’t they resemble you? They share half of your DNA and just like they have the chance of being light skin they have a chance of being dark skin, but why does that hold so much weight to some Blacks?

Toasting to more kids is not the issue here, and the race of their “wives” doesn’t matter either. The issues at hand is how Black men in particular fetishize light skin babies. They love idea of producing a child with skin lighter than there’s, or seeing them self as another race. Like as if having a lighter toned child is a badge of honor. Saying thing like mixed babies are the cutest is dumb as shit too. Ive seen some ugly as mixed kids, and the fact that their DNA was watered down did nothing to save them from looking like piglets.

Happy Black History Month! Rapped Out.


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