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Nick Cannon Puts Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel On Blast For Wearing Black Face!

Sarah SilverMan Loves Black Face

Nick Cannon just exposed you favorite comedians and late night talk show hosts for earring Black Face in the 20th century ! Jimmy Kimmel ( who I always felt was racist) , Jimmy Fallon, & Sarah Silverman on blast for wearing Black Face. Black Face was used back in the day to mock black people, and stereo type .

Nick Cannon went on to tell “the jimmys” to holla at him

Are these your Kings of Late Night??? @JimmyFallon @JimmyKimmel you know I’m always on the side of the comedian and never pander to the sensitive, but I feel there needs to be some “truth & reconciliation” discussions and teachable moments amongst our communities. I’m ready and willing for the discourse, so who wants to step up to the table first? In the meantime, I’ll just leave this right here. Tell the Jimmys to holla at me!

Do you think the comedians wearing black makeup to act as if they are Black is considered Black face or just skits? I think it’s stereotyping Black people, so yes its Black face and racist as hell.

People went on to criticize Nick for wearing “White Face” like that’s even a real thing, but ok. Nick went on and took people to class…..again! I love how Nick Cannon has a show on NBC, and Viacom and says whatever TF he wants. He is truly the G.O.A.T. of this media shit!


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