Video: Meek Mill & 6ix9ine “Girl” Jade Go At + DJ Akadmiks Responds Says Meek Thinks He Runs Hip Hop!

Image result for jade and meek mill
Meek Mill, Jade

Meek Mill had some things to get off his mind while in DJ Akadmiks comment section of his latest post promoting his collab with 6ix9ine. Meek Mill proceeded to say how the streets are tired of hearing about 6ix9ine, and to stop posting him.

“He telling… shows over buddy. stop posting bull you disrespecting us.”

-Meek Mill Via IG

DJ Akadmiks is still in support of 6ix9ine and says the song will drop Feb.13th, and he also dropped a response to Meek Mill’s comments. DJ AK says he spoke with Omelly and discussed how Meek feels like all DJ AK does is hate on him!AK also says Sara Molina cant do nothing for him, but suck d!cks!

“Lil AK” also says he feels as if Meek thinks he is the hip hop authoritarian because he is back in position after the Drake drama and Reform Alliance. HE says this because Meek jumped in his comments telling him who to post.

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