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ICE Cant Take Any Of 21 Savage’s Millions During His Deportation Case!

Post Malone And 21 Savage Perform At Shoreline Amphitheatre
21 Savage

21 Savage was detained by ICE officials last Super Bowl weekend as we previously reported. No good news yet on his status, but one good thing is that his money is going to stay put just where it is.

Reports aren’t saying an exact number, but since 21 Savage made his money the legal way the government can’t touch it. Which is great news for the A lot rapper. Savage is a father of three, and is engaged. Previous to being detained 21 Savage applied for a U Visa recently, but the application is pending.

When 21 was pulled over cops found a loaded gun , and 21 apparently hit a marked police car before being pulled over. He is currently still in ICE custody, and had not been given a bail (even though most immigrants are as long as they haven’t done anything illegal). As long are not a threat to their community or a flight risk typically most people are bonded out pending a deportation hearing.

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