Oh You Petty Petty? Man Throws Party To Let Everyone Know Girlfriend Is Cheating W/ His Best Friend!

Here’s a special one for the single, and bitter crowd like myself on the lovely Valentine’s Day! One man who had found out his girlfriend of two years had been carrying a relationship with his “best friend” of 20 years behind his back.

The man invited all of their friends and told them that they were just coming out for a night of fun until he grabbed the mic, and let the secret lovers have it.

“Here are all the messages that Daliana and you have sent,” the man said. “Daliana is looking for a $40,000 apartment and I ask her ‘where do you get it from?‘ I know where she’s going to get it from, where she’s getting the $40,000 apartment that you are going to give her.”

Everyone thought the scorned lover was going to throw bows on his best friend, but he kept his calm through out the speech.

“I really thank you [Alberto] with all my heart for the sincere and profound friendship that you showed me in these 20 years, and Daliana too, of course these two years you have shared with me hypocritically.”


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