Woman Calls Cops After Drug Dealer Sells Her Brown Sugar Instead Of Nose Candy aka Cocaine !

Nose Candy

The withdrawals be hitting hard I see because in Ireland a woman called the COPS on her dealer because he bamboozled her. A woman was big mad when someone sold her brown sugar instead of cocaine.

Now here at Rapped Out we love our Irish rap fam , but what the hell? The Northern Ireland woman told police that she paid £200 ($263.77 USD) for the “nose candy”! The police gave her “appropriate advice”, and told her to count her loses!

The cops have since made her as we say in Philly the bid!

“Drug dealers care about NOTHING other than lining their own pockets,’ The Metro reports police posted on their page. “But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that drug dealers are scammers!’

Would you call the cops on your local drug dealer?

Rapped Out


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