Black Female DayCare Owner & R.Kelly Stan Pays His $100k Bail! Says He’s Not Broke, But A “GentleMan”!

R. Kelly Appears In Court For Aggravated Sexual Abuse Charges

R.Kelly is using women like his Jeep again, and this time it’s to help finance his legal fees. As previously reported Robert was sitting in Chicago jail because he couldn’t afford to pay 10% of his $1 million dollar bail set .

The Age Aint Nothing But A Number singer has been charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse on minors ranging fro 13 to 16 years old. There is a new sex tape that features an alleged 14 year old girl he urinates on ( not Sparkle’s niece a new underage girl)!

As we reported earlier #rapfam R.Kelly’s lawyer who must have went to ICDC College released a stamens saying ti was hard acting for R.Kelly while he was locked up which is why his bail wasn’t posted right after the hearing! It’s ok to say R.Kelly (allegedly of course) blew all his money to to obtain a role of dominance / dependent role & sexual fantasy that drives him to continue to live everyday! Plus he is a creep !

How ironic a woman who owns an DAYCARE would bail out a man accused of sexual abuse of minors! According to DailyMail, the woman’s name is Valencia P. Love and she is the owner of several Chicago restaurants in addition to the Lord And Child Daycare on the south side. Love is a long-time friend of R. Kelly’s.

Some customers of the lady left comments on the restaurant’s Yelp page after learning Love had posted R.Kelly’s bail. All comments were negative, and one that praised the food.

Love responded to that comment by writing:

‘Thank you I just help out a Friend if he guilty let him pay for it thru the courts. I am sure some of them.have bail out murders drug dealers etc.’

Okay and the fact that you put yourself in this grown man little girl drama! He has an alleged attraction to having sex with young girls and taking advantage of them by using his platform which God blessed him with to uplift others is exactly why he is forever in this situation.

How would you feel about your kid’s daycare bailing out alleged pedophiles?

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