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Grammy’s Purposely Left Out XXXTENTACION From Artists Who’ve Died Memoriam Segment !

Recording Academy Reportedly Rejected XXXTENTACION For Grammys In Memoriam Segment

XXXtentacion’s camp repeatedly asked for XXX to be included in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards memoriam segment, but the Grammy Board said NO!

XXX was obviously on the Recording Academy’s mind because in December, Rolling Stone asked Academy president Neil Portnow about XXXtentacion‘s chances of being featured in the segment.

“It’s always a daunting task to consider the talented young artists who died this year,” Portnow said. “We design the show after knowing the nominations, and that was today, so we will be deciding on the programming of that now. We don’t have pre-obits prepared like in journalism but we do leave time every year for an in memoriam and we will be planning that now. I don’t have an answer for you on XXX.”

Portnow said the Academy tracks all of the deaths in the music industry each year but can only feature about “10 to 15 percent” of the deceased in the show’s in memoriam segment. However, X was acknowledged in a list featured on the Grammy website.

The Grammy Board presumably said no because of XXX’s prior domestic abuse charge that his ex publicly said she lied about.

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