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Offset Says Blogs Are The Reason Why Cardi B Doesn’t Trust Him+ Talks Chris Brown Drama W/ GQ!

Cardi Offset
Cardi B And Offset At The Grammys

Cardi B and Offset have had a very public cheating scandal! Now if they actually broke up is the real question because they brought property during the time she claimed she wanted a divorce! Anyway Cardi B has made it known during the Offset Summer Bunni and Cuban Doll threesome drama she wanted a “divorce”! There has been other cheating rumors aa well.

Offset just dropped his new album Father of 4, and you can stream it here , so he took to GQ to go in detail on some personal tracks that he wrote for his wife Bardi B. The Migo’s rapper says he is a young guy at 27 years old, and being loyal to a woman was a hard for him to grasp in so many words! He also says even if the rumors are false Offset still turns into the bad guy.

“I’m 27, I’m a young guy, we done stepped into some things we didn’t really know too much about,” said Offset. “We love each other and everything, but it’s like, we was going through a separation — both of us are artists on top too — so when certain blogs would lie or say something that wasn’t true, I would still become the bad guy somehow. I don’t get why it can’t just be: I f–ked up, I made my say, and we moved past that sh-t.”

As we previously reported Offset’s said that he never had sex with Summer Bunni prior he and Cardi B’ s “separation”, but admitted that he “entertained it.” Whatever that means!

On the track North Star Offset talks about how he hasn’t been the best husband to his wife Cardi , but the blogs aren’t helping as he grows as a man! The blogs help when you want your project pushed tho….oh ok!

“I want to be an artist, bro. You know me as Offset from the Migos. The personal s***, that’s for me and my family. When I do my apology, I’m doing it for my family, bro. It’s not for you.

Offset talks about how the blogs aren’t painting him in a good light, and it translates over to the household. Welp uh this is awkward! Didn’t YOU text Summer Bunni or did the blogs text her about a three some, and then expose it on social media? Oh no that was the thirty those YOU were “entertaining”!

You’ve got to keep your family tight, especially in the public eye. I ain’t no perfect dude, I’ve done some f***d up s***. But we moved past that. I’m growing as a man, I’m educating myself. The blogs just trying to be shooting n***s down all day, bro. At the end of the day, it causes insecurities inside the house. Keep that to yourself.

Keep your d#ck to yourself Offset! How about that? Then Offset says he can’t check people’s step fathers for cheating . Sounds like Offset doesn’t know what comes with being in the public eye when you are in a very public relationship that you and your publicist pimp out for media attention!

I can’t go in your living room and tell you how your step daddy is f****d up because he did this or that. I would never do that. So that song is just a personal song.”

Offset Cardi
Offset and Cardi B At The AMA Awards

Then he went on to talk about the 21 Savage memes that got his blouse all in a bunch with Chris Brown:

“I’ve been in that situation where I’ve been locked up, and family is depending on you. That situation—people be acting like that s*** be funny. I’m not even seeing it as a meme. S*** is good now, but it wasn’t at one point, and that type of s*** will get you taken away from the family. Like what, deport him? That’s just a different ball game taking somebody away from their kids.

I’ve never been an Internet type of guy. A lot of s***ton the Internet is wrong, bro. People be tripping because they can hide behind it. Comments be crazy, bro. Sometimes I wish I was in the era where there wasn’t no Internet, because it makes you more valuable to your fans that love you. You can trip and fall, it’s going to be in the media, but they’d fuck with you. Now, the media, you can do one or two things, and that s*** will cut your head off. Seriously. People not fainting at shows no more, passing out like they used to, because they see you every day.”

Offset shows off his jewelry


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