She Know She Too Old 4 Him: DayCare Owner Who Paid R.Kelly’s Bail Is A 52 Yr Old Fan Who Met Him On A Cruise 5 MONTHS AGO!

R.Kelly At McDonalds After Fan Paid Bail

For some R.Kelly can do no wrong, and they will protect the Age Aint Nothing But A Number singer at all costs! To them those girls “knew what they were doing”, and they “blame the parents”. Super STAN fan named Valencia P. Love, posted the $100,000 bail that the singer needed to get out of jail after being charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse with victims ranging from ages 13 years old to 16 years old.

The woman owns a daycare, and this should show how much she really doesn’t care about children!

According to Robert’s friend Don Russell, Valencia is an R. Kelly Stan fan who only met the singer FIVE MONTHS AGO on a cruise!

Love was a fan of Kelly’s music when she met the 52-year-old singer on a cold fall night aboard a Spirit of Chicago cruise on Lake Michigan in September, Russell said. Over the weekend, she called members of Kelly’s inner-circle and told them she wanted to help when she saw he wasn’t able to make bail.

“She wanted Rob to have a chance at justice, and she thought he’d have a better chance outside of jail than inside,” Russell said.

This chick is alleged looney tune just like him! She knows dang well she is NOT his type, but ok!

 Love called the Chi Town paper to dispute some of Russell’s claims, but she does admit to paying the bail despite the fact that she is facing her own legal issues and finical down falls:

She filed for bankruptcy in 2015, saying she couldn’t pay $2,700 in parking tickets. She told the court she was a teacher at a South Side daycare where she’d worked for seven years.

But in 2017, she and her former husband came into a windfall. Each got about $1.1 million in a legal settlement from a wrongful-death lawsuit they filed against the former Children’s Medical Hospital in Chicago, court records show. Their daughter had died in 2010 during a heart procedure at the hospital, according to the records.

The women may have used her daughter’s wrongful weather money to get an alleged pedophile out of jail!

Outside the lounge, Russell said Kelly told him last year that he had “zero dollars in the bank” because he “trusted the wrong people” who took advantage of him. Since then, Russell claimed, “Money is coming to him, but not as much as he would like.”

Well if you didn’t misuse your fame to get these young girls and women trapped up in your closet you be better off!

How y’all feel about this #rapfam? Rapped Out!

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