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Tupac Or Dmx Of Philly? Quilly Slander Is Dead! We Already Know His Baby Mom Easy ! She’s No Kim K! Quilly Needs Rehab Not To Be The Bid!

Quilly and Shoot Corlone

Philly support Philly right? Yeah okay ! Haines Street own Quilly aka Quilly Millz baby mom Rachel has been recorded performing oral sex for the second time again, but at this point who cares? view it here lol

The Im Rapped Out Rapper’s (who took our name, and gave us no acknowledgment) girlfriend ,and mother of his child was reportedly messing with Quilly’s “friend” who also raps named @Shoot_Corleone .

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#quilly gon thru it again 😬

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Shoot and Quilly were “friends” or associates , but things took a left when Shoot Corleone posted a video of Rachel doing explicit things with him! Shoot Corleone also uploaded a video of Quilly crying allegedly about Rachel, but Quilly tried to spin it to make it about his Step Mom who passed away.

Quilly has been the bid in Philadelphia since he came home from jail, and while it’s been very entertaining it’s also a cry for help. Uploading videos of his son’s mother is corny in our opinion. Because for one he knows both of them, for two Rachel is NOT Kim Kardashian, and we don’t care enough to care about her sucking pipe!

Feel me!?!

Joey Jihad, Quilly’s former associate and rapper already did this a while back, he allegedly smashed, and then recorded the after math / pillow talk while in the telly ! Joey then uploaded it to World Star Hip Hop to get at Quilly. Recently Joey tried to spin it and make it seem like a publicity stunt.

Quilly is very talented which is why he has such a following. His addiction to hood fame, and opioids allegedly is causing his career to remain stagnant . He has been beat up so many times, and publicly humiliated that it’s cringey to watch.

Quilly won’t get to where he wants if he continues to take drugs. Many of his “supporters” or trolls tell him that he makes music best when he is “perked” up, and they say it so much that we think that he actually believes it.

Watching Quilly scratching , taking off his shirt in zero degree weather, and going on live rambling is not something that we enjoy watching everyday!(maybe once in awhile lol) !

That is opioid dependent behavior .

Quilly compared himself to the Tupac , but he’s more like the DMX of Philly at this point! Quill should be up there with Meek, but he is still hasn’t hit his peak! He needs help before he can even think about being in the lime light! Just being honest!

Rapped Out


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