Big Sean & Ariana Grande Want That Ol Thang Back. Seen Outside Studio Together!

Ariana Grande and Big Sean Outside Of Studio Together

The Thank You,Next singer Ariana Grande ain’t all sweet, and cutesy like she portrays! Sis is a savage, and Big Sean is trying to get that old thang back back! The Ass rapper Big Sean was spotted at a studio session with Ariana Grande, and they even pulled off together.

Ari and Big Sean used to date back in the day , and broke up! since then Bid Sean has been romantically linked to Jhene Aiko , and right after Ari he dated Naya Rivera crazy ass. Jhene Aiko even got Big Seans face tatted on her arm( which was weird as hell). Jhene left her husband to be with Big Sean, and the two had some public but low key break up moments.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean

Ariana and Big Sean dated for almost a year before she deaded their relationship back in April 2015. She claimed the rapper embarrassed her with his “billion dollar p***y” lyric about her.

Thank You, Next

In the Thank You, Next video Ariana Grande has a “burn” book which highlights her past relationships. Ari stops at Big Sean, and says he can still get it! Maybe they just making music in the studio, and not between the sheets again!

Rapped Out

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