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Jeanie Mai’s Ex Husband New Girl Says Jeanie Better STFU Before She Exposes Her!

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Jeanie Mai

Jeanie Mai’s ex husband new baby mom must want a fade on sight because she is out here taking reckless all due to what Jeanie Mai shared while on The Real! Jeanie Mai is one of the co hosts on the Fox Channel daytime talk show of The Real.

Jeanie Mai likes to share some of her personal experiences, and she shared that she had to pay her ex husband in the divorce settlement.

“I was married to someone who had more money than me, but because I was the stronger earner and we lived in California — a shocking thing slapped me in the face when we divorced and I had to end up paying him my earnings,” Mai explained before adding that the experience taught her a lesson about “looking out for myself.”

Jeanie Mai revealed that she and her ex broke up due to her not wanting to have children. When the two separated her got his new chick pregnant asap, but the new wifey whose name is Toole went off!

“Your complete focus on YOURSELF is why you’re DIVORCED. YOURSELF being the most important thing to you in the entire world is why you keep making up LIES for MORE attention. Ain’t nobody talking about YOU. Because we don’t care! Stop trying to tear someone down who has done absolutely NOTHING to you,” Toole continued. “Never one time has Freddy brought up your name or drug it through the mud where it belongs.”

“Every week you got some new dramatic story so that you can more pity and more attention. How many more lies are you going to make up before you are satisfied? Freddy and I are both working our butts off to have what we have. Not because you gave anything. Freddy walked away from 1 MILLION dollars so he could finally give our family peace. And God has blessed him fruitfully in doing so! Let it go. Stop trying to make up things for people to feel sorry for you. You made Freddy signed [sic] to keep his mouth closed. I didn’t sign for this very reason,”

“I knew you would come back at his throat again. I will speak the truth Jeanie [sic]. I’m pre-warning that I will tell what really happened if you continue to publicly lie and humiliate Freddy!”

Do you think Jeanie Mai should stop talking about her ex husband, or should Freddy’s new girl should mind her business!

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