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Quilly Smacks Dude In The Stu For Calling Him A “Cold Turkey” No Hoagie + New Music W/ Vodka , NH & More NH Comes At Cosmic Kev’s Neck!

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The Philly rap star goats are making some waves via Instagram today. Quilly was recorded in the studio going at it with an unsuspecting by stander. The two can be heard talking about “cold turkey”, but apparently is wasn’t about a hoagie! The unknown young man is sitting on a stool while Quilly who felt disrespected over the guys outdated slang. After the man says “that’s my blood cousin” Quilly smacks him out of no where, and has to be restrained .

So if you weren’t keeping score its Quilly -1, Opps- 100.

In more positive Philly rap news Vodka,NH, and Quilly sound like they got some new shit cooking up in the stu! The vets uploaded a video on Instagram with their the kitchen stirring the pot! That was before NH went in on Power 99 DJ Cosmic Kev, and called him a “dick eater”, but then deleted the post. He says the man is biased, and doesn’t show him support.

Do you think NH should’ve kept his thoughts to himself or tell em how you feel?

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