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Quilly Is Locked Up! Was It Over His Baby Mom? If Only That Pink Hoody Could Talk!

Quilly Locked Up

Quilly is locked up, and his girlfriend Fendi shared via his Instagram stories video of the cops cuffing him. Quilly can be heard asking for his jacket , and the caption says “No Worries Shaka always got me”! Shaka Johnson is one of Philadelphia‘s popular go to lawyers for dudes in these Tri- State streets.

Quilly seemingly has had a rough 3 days, and we can tell because it all happened in the same pink hoody he is wearing throughout these videos. If only that L.Revere could talk because it’s the same hoodie he had on when he lost a slap box to a young bul wearing a book bag.

Then a non fan recorded Quilly ( wearing that pink hoody lol) in the car rolling up a “java” sitting passenger seat with his girlfriend. Quilly pleads with the fan not to upload it because his “wife” is uncomfortable, but because the streets don’t fully respect, so Quilly the young bul kept recording.

Quilly just came home from a bid in prison, and hopefully he gets out soon.

We aren’t sure as to why Quilly is booked, but some commenters say it was over his baby mother Rachel. The insta commenter said the two got into a physical altercation, and is somewhat believable because they do fight a lot! She also uploaded this to her ig stories leading us to assume that it may be over that!

Quilly has recently hooked back up with his old girlfriend Fendi, and when he first came home he was with Rachel. Fendi is the one recording him getting arrested, and taken into custody.

Last week Rachel was recorded performing oral sex on Quilly’s former friend and rapper Shoot Corleone ! Whatever the reason for his arrest Quilly has a son, and hopefully he gets released soon. Everyone supports wild behavior online to further their career until it lands the person in jail. All these antics lead to one thing! Negative situations. Satan will led you to believe you’re making it then BAM you’re sitting in a cell or worse! Get this man some help!

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