Exclusive: Is Maury Recorded In Uptown? Chicago Woman Claims Meek Mill Is Her Son’s Father & Is A Alleged Dead Beat!

Noah, Takara, Meek Mill

A woman from Chicago named Takara , (who has been messaging us for some time now) is on a mission to expose her alleged baby father Meek Mill. The woman says she met him when the two were younger while her was in her city for a show 14 years ago. Her son’s name is Noah, and she claims the boy looks just like his father, Meek Mill.

Meek Mill whose real name is Robert, has one son with a woman from Philadelphia named Fahdy. We reached out to Meek Mill, and received no response in regards to these allegations. When asked why she didn’t send get the courts involved , and help her she responded with:

He knows about my child, but he don’t want to reach out because he don’t want to pay child support to me he’s selfish as hell.

Here at Rapped Out we research , so we asked if she had any pictures of her and Meek Mill together or conversations between the two. She went on to say:

I did have a picture of me and him together when we were younger,but I had a fire at my old house and everything got burned up. He knows about me and his son he just don’t want to step up.

Takara did say she has one message/ conversation from Meek Mill, but she has yet to send it in to us!

Take a look at the two, and decide if you think Meek IS or IS NOT the father!

Rapped Out


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