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OG Maco Reveals He Has A Flesh Eating Disease!

OG Maco

Keep OG Maco in your duas/prayers because Maco revealed via Instagram stories that he has a flesh eating disease that he is suffering from without any support from his family or friends. OG Maco revealed he contracted the disease when a minor rash went improperly treated.

“So much healing has occurred thanks to God and my doctors that I’m willing to show all a fraction of what I’ve been going through,” he wrote as a caption to the first photo. “I was improperly treated for a minor rash and ended up with a skin-eating disease for the last few months. This is the best it’s looked. I hope it gives someone hope.”

“I know it took a lot to share any of that because I’ve been going through this for about three months,” he said. “And everybody I thought would really be there, who I really thought could depend on, wasn’t there.”

He added, “It caused me to not really trust anybody or believe in anything. I went through really the worst of it. I’ve been scared a lot. I didn’t know what was gonna happen. I didn’t know if I was going to lose my entire face. I almost did.”

OG Maco

OG Maco has been thru a lot in his life. He also lost his eye from a bad car accident, and suffered other injuries, multiple skull fractures and cracked vertebrae.

It’s good to see him persevering thru this because skin diseases are not easy to go thru. Skin cover your entire body, and it’s our primary defense of our body.

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