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YBN Almighty Jay Robbed! They Made Him Come Out Of His Shoes, & Snatched His Chain While Outside Of Saks Fifth Ave!

YBN Almighty Jay was brutally attacked while in New York City outside of Saks Fifth Ave department store. Of course someone recorded it because people love snitching on theirselves on social media, and you can her someone scream “take his chain”.

According to TMZ, Jay was shopping with his friends TJ Porter and Bay Swag when another aspiring rapper Lil TJ walked into the store with his crew. People there said both parties started yelling at each other and things went left left!

The dudes that jumped him robbed him for his chain, wallet, and shoe! Damn thats some og shit! I ain’t seen someone get they shoes took in a minute! Jay was connected to SkinnyFromThe9 robbery as we previously reported. Someone took $80,000 in cash and jewelry.

Cops were called, but nobody was cooperating! Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

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