Pennsylvania Man Says He Has The 3rd New R.Kelly Sex Tape Found & Has Handed It Over To The Cops!

Attorney Gloria Allred (left) and Gary Dennis
Gary Dennis and Gloria Allred on R.Kelly Sex Tape Found

R.Kelly just loves the camera because so far a third sex tape has surfaced, and has been handed over to the authorities! Allegedly this tape shows R.Kelly having sex with minors, and the man that has turned over the tape held a press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred!

Gary Dennis, came forward with his lawyer Gloria Allred to explain how he found the tape, and why he’s speaking out now. Dennis who claims he has no connection to R. Kelly and does not know him , claims he recently discovered this new sex tape while going through an old box of VHS tapes of his own. Gary says when he found the tape the tape it was labeled “sports tape,” but says it also had R. Kelly’s name written on it.

Dennis said he thought the R. Kelly part of the tape was an old concert of his, but instead was a sex tape. He alleges he doesn’t know how this tape turned up in his house ,but says as he watched it he saw R. Kelly engaging in sexual activity with what looks to him to be multiple underaged black girls!

The validity of this tape is in question being as though Gloria Allred creditability as a representative of high profile clout chaser clients, and press conferences that make them look attention hungry!

There is for sure a two alleged sex tapes featuring Robert Kelly allegedly peeing on a 14 year old black girl that has been turned into authorities! Still shots of allegedly Robert Kelly (which strike a very similar resemblance to the singer) have been released. See it here

Alleged R.Kelly Sex Tape

Michael Avenatti has already turned over 2 tapes to prosecutors in Chicago … one of which prompted the 10 count indictment against R. Kelly for aggravated sexual abuse on victims ranging in ages 13 to 16 years old!

Avenatti seems to doubt Allred’s claims that there is a third tape out! Allred represents two women who say R.Kelly target the teens after concert in Baltimore in 1995.

Latresa Scaff, says R. Kelly gave her alcohol and drugs then had sex with her without her consent in his hotel room .

According to Allred a witness named Sabrina can confirm the accusations.

R.Kelly’s lawyers are adamantly deny any tape exists of R.Kelly with underage girls event thought there are clear cut pictures that strikingly resemble the Robert!

“R. Kelly denies that he is on any tape with underaged girls. The doubt here is self-evident, with reporting that the man on the tape kinda, sorta looks like R Kelly. That doesn’t make it him. It is not him.”

Greenberg also says he wants to know what the investigators are going to do about the fact that the Dennises were in possession of possible child porn, asking,

“Are they going to be prosecuted?” He adds, “It is obviously now just open season on R. Kelly. It is irresponsible to continue to take the speculation of every Tom, Dick and Harry, and report it as if it is fact.”

This is going to be a long case! Rapped Out

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