Quilly Is Out Of Jail & Already Back On Instagram Live On Some Shit! Says He’s Not Getting High & Runs Philadelphia!

Philly’s own little Kanye West Quilly is back out in these streets, and back on some shit! The Dick Up rapper was spotted at Power 99 radio station’s lobby saying how “no one can touch me” ,and then compared himself to Tupac, Malcom X, and Martin Luther King , says he runs Philadelphia, and is richer than you all in one day!

Quilly was booked for reasons still unknown, and just got released March 9th. His lawyer Shaka Johnson did his thing like he said he would!

Quilly went out to eat with his team, and talked about how he now is off probation, and he is NOT getting high! He must be high off of life then! The dick up rapper says he is “rich not getting high”, and is the Tupac of Philly.

The self proclaimed Uptown king and his girl Fendi go at it over Quilly saying he would replace her. He even had her escorted out the restaurant because she was getting on his nerves. She apparently was to loud for the Quilly show “because nobody cares about her it’s the Quilly show”!

The Panic rapper hit up Power 99 radio station, and promoted his new “Quilly Fit“. Not sure what the diet consists of, but he says that’s how he lost weight. Popping pills eating right and working out is according to him his weight loss regimen. Quilly made sure to take his shirt off, and show off his “fit” body.

Oh ok.

He also proclaimed says he runs Philadelphia! What do you think does Quilly run Philly? He definitely has the city tuned in, and talking about him, but if he was to turn around his act would we still have that same energy. Or are you only tuned in for the sh#t show?

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