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Rich The Kid

New York rapper Rich The Kid is being sued by his landlord Maro Burunsuzyan because she claims he posted her phone number on via Twitter on Valentine’s Day tweeting “Valentines calls me” .

Maro Burunsuzyan, Rich’s house “plug” says she received over 500 phone calls, and texts from Rich’s fans that thought it was his personal phone number, and texts.

Maro says she’s been trying to get Rich in court for damages ,and late rent she claims he owes for a house on of her client rented to the rapper last summer. She believes he “pranked” in spite of that. Rich The Kid moved out in January 2019, and Maro says he still hasn’t paid!

Court document say that she told Rich on Valentine’s Day she was done talking about the situation, since he wasn’t going to pay her. Maro claims Rich The Kid hit her with the “Oh, really?” Maro says he posted her number on Twitter after the conversation , and then the sh*t show ensued .

The alleged tweet Rich sent out to the masses appears to have been deleted !

Maro Burunsuzyan is asking a judge for an unspecified amount in damages.

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