Babysit My Kids: Someone Sent Iggy Azalea A Vile Of Semen!

'Hope you like the sex offenders registry... we have your DNA': Iggy Azalea goes to the police after she is sent a vial of semen in the mail
Iggy Azalea

Some sick person sent Iggy Azalea a fancy vile of sperm! The “rapper” said that the package was sent to her home , and her unknowing assistant opened it ! Iggy took to Twitter to tell the sick pervert that she has turned it over to the FBI , and they now have their DNA! People are sick out here man!

The Aussie model took to Twitter to say this:

Vile: The 28-year-old rapper took to Twitter on Thursday to share her disgust after one of her assistants opened her mail for her and was stunned to find a vial of somebody¿s semen inside a package that had been delivered to her home

The Fancy rapper just moved into her new home in January, so for a sicko to have her address is disturbing!

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